SUNY Farmingdale New School of Business



Farmingdale, NY


Client: Urbahn Associates

Owner: State University Construction Fund (SUCF)
SUNY Farmingdale

Contract Duration: Current

Service Provided:
Cost Management: cost estimating


As part of SUNY Farmingdale’s $185 million campus improvement plan, this project entails providing cost estimating services at various stages of design to the Urbahn Associates-led design team for the ultimate construction of a new, approximately 44,000sf building to house the School of Business.

The new three-story structure is designed as a “bar” building with program spaces on either side of an effi cient, double-loaded corridor. The exterior materials of brick, cast stone and glass are refl ective of the materials traditionally employed on the core campus buildings, recast to defi ne separate offi ce and classroom program areas. The structure is a steel frame with concrete slab on metal deck, steel beams and steel columns. In order to maximize building effi ciency relating to LEED® requirements, independent gasfi red boilers will heat the building, rather than using the campus steam system. The building is designed with a 20% improvement in energy effi ciency performance relative to levels required by NY State, and will achieve enough points to qualify for LEED® Silver Certifi cation.