Professional Training

One of our key differentiators as a construction consulting firm is our professional training services.  We offer in-house and “on-site” professional training services for design and construction professionals, taught by qualified faculty with at least 15 years of experience in the A/E/C industry.  We are registered with the AIA and our classes fulfill continuing education (CES) credits for design professionals.

Our “on-site” professional training services credit course, known as Conceptual Phase Budget Estimating Concepts, is tailored for design (architects and engineers), construction and facilities professionals.  The course is registered with the AIA and fulfills one (1) AIA/HSW continuing education (CES) credit for design professionals.  The key points of this course are:

  • Estimate formats used during conceptual design: systems vs. CSI format
  • Understanding the role of the estimator and the collaboration with the project team during the preconstruction phase process; site evaluation and protection requirements
  • Discussion of methodologies in developing a conceptual phase cost estimate, including life safety elements
  • Factors that may influence cost (i.e., existing below grade structure, soil characteristics relating to foundation design, restrictive sites, etc.)
  • Overview of project mark-ups and contingencies

Through our in-house school we are “investing” in the construction process by conveying our lessons-learned to the engineering and construction disciplines. We are a private school licensed by the New York State Education Department and registered as a New York City Training Provider and by the New York State Workforce Investment Board. We offer hands-on, short-term classes taught to small groups of students. All of our faculty members have at least 10 years of experience in related disciplines and are employed by major construction firms. Our courses are available to both individuals and companies. We offer day, evening and weekend classes.