Cost Management

ELLANA’s cost management services begins early on with budget/cost estimate development during the design phase, accompanied by value engineering and constructability review sessions, through the construction and close-out phases of a project, offered to owners, design or construction teams.  Cost certainty and control are essential for any construction project.  Our approach to cost management involves safeguarding your interests at every stage of the design, procurement and construction process by focusing our efforts on achieving the best results for the project. We ensure that the design fully matches your needs and budget, and we manage the cost and risk performance against targets and identify every opportunity for improvement.  We also participate by helping to identify the best method of directing and controlling your project by working with the entire team to establish the best delivery policy and to define clear accountabilities and responsibilities from concept through close-out.  Finally, as part of of our cost management process, we work with the team to first identify, then address any risks or issues that arise, ultimately providing solutions to any discrepancies or conflicts that arise.  Our cost management services include:

  • Construction cost estimating
  • Value engineering exercises
  • Constructability reviews
  • Project schedule development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Work breakdown structure development
  • Budget allocation and asset management
  • Cost forecasting / trending
  • Early warnings / mitigation
  • Cash flow / accruals / value of work completed
  • Contingency management
  • Monitoring of commitments and expenditures
  • Project forecasting and reporting
  • Independent reporting to project or finance partners
  • Reconciliation / integration with financial reporting