Abu Dhabi Bus Station Renovation

Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates


Client: THEM Architecture and Design

Owner: City of Abu Dhabi

Project Value: $85 million

Contract Duration: 2008

Services Provided: Cost Management: Cost Estimating


ELLANA provided cost estimating services during preliminary/conceptual stage of design for the renovation and expansion of the existing bus terminal/ transportation center to serve increasing passenger capacity of the city. The project comprises the following

  • Interior Renovation of the Existing Office Tower, floors 3 to 6
  • Facelift of Existing Office Tower
  • Interior Renovation of Bus Station Concourse, Mezzanine, and Entrance Lobby
  • Renovation of Second Floor of Entrance Lobby
  • New Flower Shaped Traffic Control Tower
  • New Pedestrian Walkways, Plaza, and Gardens
  • New Post-Tensioned Concrete Structure for Regional Minibus Platform
  • Underground Link (“Phase 1 Pedestrian Link”) Between Concourse and Regional Minibus Platform

  • RP